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P&T Formula

10 Metrics to Take Your Organization from Crisis Response to Crisis Immunity

How Can Providers Leverage the P&T Formula?

Don’t have time to waste diagnosing how to fix your practice? Get expert answers in minutes!

2020 Provider Impacts Due to COVID-19

1 B
Revenue Lost
By 2022, the US is expected to accumulate $535 B in lost revenues, with $215 B lost in 2020.
1 K
Unfilled Positions
Since February 2020, Healthcare Providers have added 1.7 M unfilled positions to the already significant staffing crisis.
1 %
Healthcare Reduction

We are seeing a reduction in up to 68% of healthcare services compared to the same time last year. 

The P&T Formula is a health checkup for providers.


We believe you shouldn’t have to pay to have someone tell you how you’re doing. You should be empowered with your own data to create a custom solution!


In less time than it takes you to have a board meeting, and without the pricey consulting team, you can understand how your organization performs across the board.


You no longer have to hunt for the details you need. The P&T Formula generates a single report that quickly highlights areas of strength and weakness.


Drive the conversation across your organization, by sharing the P&T Formula with others. Whether it’s a site by site report for a system, or sending a report to all departments, we make it easy!

Solution Oriented

Don’t just identify problems...solve them!! Your assessment shares the best practices that healthcare experts from a wide variety of disciplines recommend for proven results.

Experts At Your Fingertips

You never have to work alone! Our healthcare experts are here to help. With your P&T Formula in hand, you can confidently rely on our leaders to drive healthy results.

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Ten Minutes, One Report, Real Answers

Don’t have time to waste diagnosing how to fix your practice? Get expert answers in minutes!

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The P&T Formula is backed by healthcare consulting experts you can trust. Learn more about us!

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